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In the country that takes the #1 spot on our Global Retirement Index, you could live a lifestyle like the 1%… on a retired teacher's budget.

In fact, lots of folks just like you already are…

"The cost of living allows me a fun life on my Social Security check," says San Francisco-native Jack B., who lives today in our #1 pick, half a block from the beach.

And he doesn't scrimp. "There are great restaurants and tons of cool bars on the promenade. My rent is $575 a month for a two-bedroom apartment with a great modern bathroom and nice kitchen."

He's not alone in relishing the good values… and the good lifestyle he can afford to enjoy when prices are so low.

"I live well here on my Social Security," says Chicago native Steve G. "My expenses are $1,200 a month, including rent. I have a two-bedroom house with a terraced garden."

This is a country where you can easily slash your cost of living… while you improve your quality of life.

For $15 to $20, a housekeeper will spend four hours cleaning your house. A lunch special out at a local restaurant typically costs $3 to $7 for a full meal. For a good steak dinner with wine, you can expect the bill to come to about $15 a person.

So you can see how it can be easy here to upgrade your lifestyle and gain the luxuries of a rich-man's retirement… but do it on a tradesman's budget.

As one expat put it, "We spend significantly less than back home, about 50% less… and here we eat a meal out at least once a day, often twice."

And it's not just the prices that appeal… after all, just because a place is cheap, doesn't make it attractive. It's the fact that you can put any money worries behind you and, at the same time, lead the sort of life you always dreamed about but may have figured was entirely out of reach.

As expat Gloria P. says, "Yes, there's the low cost of living, the great healthcare, the beautiful beaches and warm weather, and the ease and conveniences of moving here… those are the logistics, the numbers, that make a move here possible and pleasant.

"But we expats, at heart we come and we stay because there is a special magic to this place.

"Colors are somehow more vivid here, and smiles brighter. The rich scents—of ripe guavas, bougainvillea blossoms draped down a wall, salt tang on a warm Caribbean breeze—these things all linger in memory. And music is everywhere.

"Life here is easy and relaxed… and also rich and complex in sensations and experiences. People are friendly and welcoming, their warmth genuine. And their roots run deep. You find a real sense of history and tradition all around you."

In this #1 Retirement Haven, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to climate and locale. You'll find white sand beaches and turquoise seas… centuries-old colonial cities with winding, cobblestone streets and fountain-filled plazas… towering ruins left by ancient civilizations… guitars being strummed on moonlit evenings… and all of it alongside first world infrastructure.

If you like the idea of having "springtime" weather year-round, with no snow to shovel and no windshield to scrape… 12 months of "toss a sweater over your shoulders" temperatures… then you'll be happy to learn that in this place you have excellent choices… all kinds of communities to pick from…

Like one colonial-era town with cobbled streets and tidy, renovated homes—this one painted terra cotta, the next one bronze, its neighbor a lovely mustard yellow—here a two-bedroom, fully furnished condo a 10-minute walk from the town's center square lists for $165,000.

If you prefer an ocean breeze, palm trees, white-sand beaches, and quiet turquoise waters… you can have that, too.

In one town popular with expats, I know of a couple renting a very nice, multi-level condo right on the beach with a spectacular ocean view for $980 a month. ( In Miami, you'd pay at least $3,500 for something comparable.)

An Oceanview Apartment for Under $500 a Month

But you can spend much less and have the ocean in your sights… in another beachside town, expat Mike H. says he rents a one-bedroom, oceanview apartment for just under $500 a month.

There's lakeside living to be enjoyed as well…

In a community I'm thinking of, you'll find a well-established group of expats, a big "snowbird" population that comes for part of the year to escape the cold back home, and lots of organized activities to keep you occupied—from a community choir to kayaking on the lake to volunteer activities, dances, theater, and more.

Here you could own a stunning lake-view home with two bedrooms and 2,000 feet of living space for only $182,000. Or you could rent a comfortable two-bed, two-bath house for between $500 and $800 a month.

If you're a culture-vulture… you should know: This is a land of riches. You'll find gorgeous, arts-filled enclaves where you can attend concerts, gallery openings, opera, theater, and more… sophisticated towns and cities where artisans and artists thrive, where restaurants are top notch, and where there's always something interesting to do.

In one such community, an expat who takes smart advantage of the local arts offerings explained, "I can go to a cultural event every night if I want. The symphony orchestra, plays, concerts, film series…they all cost no more than $4 to $5 each, full price. You could never enjoy this caliber of cultural life for so little money in the U.S."

Great values, comfortable climates, plenty to do… these are all part of the reason day-to-day living is remarkably easy and convenient in this country.

Often people assume they'll have to endure huge trade offs when they go overseas. But with our #1 retirement haven pick, that's just not the case. To be sure, no place is exactly like the U.S…. but that said, expats agree: This is a remarkably easy place to live…

When you're out and about in the most tourist-friendly communities, you'll find many of the same brands you're used to back home—Applebee's, TGI Fridays, Ruth's Chris, Bubba Gump, and others.

If you can't live without your peanut butter cups or your turkey bacon… don't worry, you can find them both. You can shop at Costco and you can get U.S. television programs. The point is: This is an easy place to live.

Great Healthcare for Half—or Less—Than You Pay Now

Plus, at a time when healthcare is such a divisive—and expensive—issue in the States, it should come as some comfort that in this overseas gem of a country you can access truly excellent medical care for between 25% and 50% of what it costs you at home today.

In other words: You save 50% to 75%—huge savings across the board, for doctor's visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medical devices, lab tests, medicine, and more.

One expat explained, "Most doctors speak at least some English, with many quite fluent. Costs are significantly lower in all specialty areas and are often one-half to one-third the cost of similar services [at home]."

Another said, "Most of the doctors have been trained in the U.S. As a patient, when the doctor comes in, you are the priority. They pay attention and they don't look at their watch or think about the other patients waiting."

And the pluses go on: This country is close to the States, so travel back and forth is both simple and affordable. You'll regularly find tickets for as little as $200.

Plus it's easy to gain residence. In fact, it starts with tourist visas that extend six months, instead of the more-common three. So right off the bat, it's an easy place to spend part of the year, no bureaucratic hoop-jumping required.

With an income of about $1,100 a month, you can gain temporary residence and—this is unusual—you can also opt to gain that status by showing a little over $18,000 in assets, if you prefer. Point being: It's a streamlined and straightforward process and relatively flexible, too.

Your Perfect Haven Could Well Be on This List

Our #1 pick has a lot to recommend it, no question…

…yet it's just one of the 24 top overseas retirement havens we compare, contrast, rank, and rate in our Global Retirement Index—our 26th annual Index, in fact.

"Spend less, live better" is a theme the folks who've relocated to all our top choices return to again and again.

"We live a life we couldn't have had back home," says Connie L., who has happily settled in there with her husband. "If we were in the U.S., we'd both be working, at least part-time, and constantly worrying."

Instead, they report, from the country that takes the second spot in our Global Retirement Index, "Our stress level is 10% of what it used to be." In part that's because the cost of living is remarkably low. "For trash collection we used to pay $17 a month… here we pay $14 a year… our rent is about half what our house payment was in the U.S…. a cleaning woman charges about $15 for a day's work…

"We chose [this place] for many reasons, but primarily because we love the ocean. The beaches here tend to be un-crowded—unlike those in Southern California, where I grew up. The water is warm and usually clear. Hearing and seeing the endless ocean always revitalizes me," Connie says.

"This town is like Mayberry in the Andy Griffith show. I can walk at night and not be afraid. Children play out in the street—that doesn't happen in the U.S. anymore."

In this second-ranked finisher in our Retirement Index, a couple can live comfortably on just $1,500 to $2,500 a month. With a larger budget than that, you're looking at a rich-man's lifestyle.

This sunny escape, sits just under three hours by plane from Miami, but you can fly direct from Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, and a host of other destinations.

In addition to miles and miles of beaches, our #2 pick boasts cool mountain havens and country hamlets… along with a modern capital famous for its sparkling skyline. Many locals—among them doctors—speak English. Well-established expat communities dot the country making it easy to settle in, and all over you can enjoy high-speed internet, cable television, and reliable electricity.

"It's a democracy, the water is drinkable, the locals are used to expats… the electrical systems are the same, the driving is on the same side of the street, many doctors are U.S.-educated," explains Robyn C., another happy expat.

Her husband, John, continues, "I can golf with my friends twice a week at the country club and work out in the fitness center. I have time for reading, time for bridge… and time to just sit on my rear end and meditate!"

The value-for-money here really is extraordinary…

Robyn and John are members of a country club where they can play all the golf they want, work out in the gym, enjoy the Olympic-sized swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, spa facilities and numerous restaurants.

They rent a 1,100-square-foot, fully furnished, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with a wrap-around patio and a gorgeous view.

"We have the best internet package available, one car in the family and we eat out pretty much whenever we want," they say.

Yet the budget for their genuinely high-end lifestyle runs $3,000 to $3,500 a month and that includes rent, all utilities, all spending money, the country club membership… everything.

Of course, you needn't spend that much to enjoy a comfortable—and healthy—lifestyle.

"From our porch we can see down to the river, where we have our own little private beach and swimming hole," says Bob C., an Albuquerque native who moved with his wife Irma to this haven, which sits at #2 in this year's Index.

"We just fell in love with the area. There's no crime or pollution, and my asthma symptoms improved immediately," he says.

Where $20,000 a Year Funds a Truly Good Life

In this, the heart of the country's breadbasket, expats report that a budget of $20,000 a year would be "more than plenty" to live comfortably, enjoying the fresh air, eating well, and living stress-free.

Another reason this country earns its high rank on the Global Retirement Index is because expats there have lots of good options when it comes to getting no-hassle residence there. And the government provides genuine incentives to encourage foreign retirees to relocate—in the form of tax breaks, VIP treatment, and lots of other money-saving perks.

Plus, as in our #1 pick, this is a country where you can access top-quality healthcare for much less than it would cost you at home.

For Jennifer B., a transplant from Wisconsin, the savings has been significant. She was paying $520 a month for insurance in the States. Now, in our #2 retirement haven, she pays $65 a month for a membership plan at her local clinic. Doctors' visits and medication can cost 50% of U.S. prices. And many medications are available without prescriptions, which again saves time and money.

"In the States, you can't really live on the beach for a reasonable rent," Jennifer says. "Here, I'm by the ocean, on a perpetual vacation, enjoying my life. I play golf and I eat out a lot. It feels like I have a second lease on life."

"The near-perfect weather, the healthy lifestyle, the low cost of living, and the natural beauty… those things have lived up to our expectations," reports one of many pleased retirees in the country that takes third place in our Global Retirement Index.

"But our primary reason for retiring outside the U.S. was adventure. We wanted the challenge of living in a different culture. It's turned out that the thing that makes [this place] a paradise for us is the delightful temperament of its people. Getting to know them has enriched our lives immensely."

They're not the only ones happy with their new home…

You wouldn't believe how often we hear from expats living in all our top destinations that they've lost weight, feel better, and look younger.

As another expat living in our #3 destination explained, "After we bought our condo, we came for five weeks to set things up… without any deliberate attempts to change our diet or lifestyle, my wife and I each lost 10 pounds.

"The type of food consumed plays a big role in this change. [Here] for the most part, fresh foods are grown without pesticides and chemical additives. The milk, cheese, and eggs come from animals that have not been fed steroids.

The good climate is also a factor. "The beautiful weather encourages walking or just being outside," he says.

"Most days we take a morning walk down the boardwalk or an evening walk after dinner—or both. Even walking the dog becomes a nice stroll outdoors. If we were back in the States, with sub-freezing weather and six inches or more of snow on the ground, we would not be lingering over the dog-walk."

Simplifying, Relaxing, Getting Back to Basics

In another destination that earns top billing in this year's Global Retirement Index, you'll find long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches… dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife… towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and hundreds of crystal-clear lakes and rivers…

Not only that, but the country offers a great climate year-round, neighborly atmosphere, no-hassle residence programs, excellent healthcare, a stable democracy, and safety and security. It doesn't hurt that many retired couples report living well on $2,000 a month—which includes all their costs.

As expat Bob N. explains, "I moved to [this] paradise because I wanted to get back to a greater sense of natural beauty and wanted to live a simpler, less harried lifestyle as a retiree.

"Although the beaches where I lived in Sarasota were beautiful, rapid Florida development had led to the beach being completely surrounded by condos and other developments. Here I can hop on a bus and 15 minutes later I'm on one of the most beautiful beaches… and when I look around, all I see is pristine jungle and soft white sand. And the ocean is always warm here, even in December, January, and February when it can be a bit chilly in Florida."

If it's a European retreat you've always dreamed of… you'll find those on our list of top picks, too.

In one warm-weather escape, you have access to Mediterranean beaches… big cities with world-class museums… and a vast interior of green, rolling hills dotted with sun-baked villages. This is storybook Europe… yet here you can still get a meal for two with wine or beer for as little as $22.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the appeal of several nations in Asia today…

In one that makes the Index top ten this year, for instance, a couple can live luxuriously on $2,000 a month—or less. You can understand how when, as one transplant from Chicago explains, "Our apartment, that we rent for $750 a month, is a 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom, four-bathroom condo overlooking the sea as well as the jungle. We can see the monkeys cascading along the rooftops of the neighboring homes and from our couch we can watch the sea eagles diving into the ocean for a quick catch of the day. Sometimes I feel like I live in a National Geographic magazine."

The values here are serious. The premier cable TV package, which includes favorites like HBO, CNN, BBC, and numerous sports and movie channels will set you back only $40. You can enjoy a filling meal for $5… get a pedicure for $13… and hire a housekeeper for $3.50 an hour…

In this special place, the weather averages 82 degrees year-round, and there's lots to do—from outdoorsy activities like sailing and hiking to cultural offerings like concerts and art shows.

This year's Global Retirement Index reveals a tremendous variety of retirement solutions for somebody looking to live better for less overseas. We rank, rate, compare, and contrast a full 24 countries worth your consideration today.

Maybe you're in the market for a part-time escape… or maybe you're looking for a full-time adventure… perhaps you dream about a day when you can see the ocean out your window… or live within sight of the mountains in a place where the sun shines and the weather is cool…

Whatever you dream about… in the destinations profiled in our Global Retirement Index… you could find a new reality. A lot sooner—and a lot more affordably—than you may imagine.

So Let Me Give You a Little Assignment…

Now to be honest, the decision about where you live is not always readily subject to logical analysis. In the end, it's about where you feel good. It's about finding the place that's just, well, a good fit.

So here's a little task for you. You start imagining your ideal retreat.

And while you're busy musing… we'll sort out for you the "logical" concerns. Like where your dollars buy you most… where the weather is best… where the locals are friendliest… where it's most comfortable and safe… where the healthcare is both excellent and affordable… and more.

In fact, we've just spent the past few months concentrating on exactly this task.

Our staff has been traveling, crunching statistics, and talking with our contacts and correspondents around the world… all in the interest of compiling our annual picks for the world's top retirement havens.

It should be said: In an era when most news outlets have slashed their budgets and cut their overseas bureaus… and at a time when "fake news" has made it harder than ever to ferret out the truth… we put our Global Retirement Index together "the old fashioned way."

That is to say: We put boots on the ground… just as we have each of the last 26 years we've published this country comparison.

Is it subjective? You bet. We rely on the informed judgment and real-world experience of in-country expats… folks just like you who have made the move and learned all their lessons the hard way. They live in the countries they're an expert in. And they've been there long enough to get under the skin of their host nation and provide us with real understanding about what it's like to live there.

As I said, where you end up is really as much about feeling as it is thought. When it comes right down to it, only you can decide what will make you happy.

But we can point you to the places that are likely to suit you best. (And be easiest on your wallet, too.)

Our annual Global Retirement Index lists the best places in the world to retire overseas today.

It'll point you to the places most worth your attention… and, most importantly, save you the trouble, time, frustration, and expense of trying to figure that out on your own.

Here at International Living, we've been showing readers where to go for more than three decades now. So we know the questions to ask, we know the critical issues to consider.

We take the time and invest the funds… so you don't have to.

And right now, I'd like to give you our Global Retirement Index—FREE.

I'll tell you how to get your copy in just a minute. But first, I want to be clear about one thing. It's the one, big, fundamental idea that drives this index. It's our belief that…

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Enjoy a Pampered Retirement… You Just Need to Know Where to Go

In one of our top picks—a place of old world charm—a couple could easily live comfortably for $1,680 a month (including rent). Though, in fact, we know retirees there living simply for half that. With a budget twice as large, you could live like royalty.

(To put this in perspective, the average U.S. Social Security payout for retirees is $1,308 a month. Stateside, that doesn't buy you much of a life. But in the right places overseas, those funds easily provide comforts and conveniences that would be well out of your reach at home. Like dinners out, a housekeeper once a week, even vacations…)

One couple living in this haven right now says, "Living in Southern California, we were spoiled by the warm climate and beautiful beaches. Retirement would—or should—have given us time to enjoy all that more fully. And yet we had no realistic chance of retiring anywhere near a beach in California.

"Looking back now, we're glad we needed to look elsewhere to fulfill our retirement dreams. Otherwise, the chance of living in one of the most beautiful and exotic retirement havens in the world might have passed us by."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance put it this way: "For retirees with a sense of adventure and a taste for the good life—even if they lack a bank account to match—a change in latitude might be the perfect plan."

I think that's right… and that's why we put our Global Retirement Index together. To give you the specific guidance you need to find the place that's right for you.

The Best—and Easiest—Way to Target Your Search for the Perfect Paradise

In the Global Retirement Index, we consider each destination by category: buying and renting, benefits and discounts, visas and residence, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, healthy lifestyle, infrastructure, and climate. And we include a full report on the top picks.

Point being: This resource gives you a well-rounded view of each place. It's not just facts. It's the perspective we bring to them.

And that's what's so important. Because everybody is different. And what's a priority for you might not be for somebody else.

Say you're of "retirement" age and looking for a place to stretch your savings. The cost of living and the availability of good-quality, affordable healthcare might be your top concerns.

On the other hand, if you're in your thirties or forties with school-aged children, their education and the ease with which you can do business locally might be more important to you.

Or maybe you're in the market today for a place you could visit regularly for now and perhaps retire to eventually… so you're looking for a spot that's easy to get in and out of, where the weather is good…

No matter what your own personal priorities are, you can use our Global Retirement Index to easily home in on the places that make sense for you and your situation, your priorities.

It is a powerful tool.

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In the 1990s, we pointed readers to this kind of play again in Belize… and watched as the values soared. A reader who bought on the tropical, palm-lined island of Ambergris for $29,950 back then could sell for $180,000 today.

And we're still delivering deals like that—the places with opportunities you could profit from today…

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Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living

Yes! I'll Give International Living a Try Now

P.S. Seeking out your own dream retirement in a place where you can live a comfortable life for little… investing ahead of the crowds and profiting from the upswing…

What those ideas have in common is good value. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to—for anything.

I know I don't. And that's why I've designed this special welcome for International Living this way.

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Yes! I'll Give International Living a Try Now